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Dolphin Pool Cleaner and Best Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews

 Best Dolphin Pool Cleaner Reviews

 Why spend your precious time or spend money to have your pool sparkling clean? Instead have an advanced computerized robot get every part of your pool safe and clean. 

   You may have seen pool cleaners that connect to your current pump system.  These systems do not come close to the Dolphin Pool Cleaner. 

   The Dolphin pool cleaner is the ONLY pool cleaner that has a microprocessor that insures every part of your pool is cleaned.  The Dolphin is superior in every standard of measurement to other automatic pool cleaners.  Do to this high standard of quality it has the longest warranty, 3 years. 


Hi-tech, self-diagnostic cleaning for residential pools  
   The automatically calculates the most effective pool cleaning patterns according to your pool's dimensions. The Dolphin's unique self-programming software enables the robot pool cleaner to know exactly where to scrub, sweep, vacuum and filter your pool - irrespective of shape. It cleans walls and floor, and has a large filter surface, leaving your pool crystal clear. 

   The Dolphin Diagnostic 2001 makes the process of cleaning environmentally-friendly. More than just gathering the organic matter and depositing it into the pool's filter, the Dolphin Diagnostic 2001 completely removes it from the pool and the pool's filter system. This way you use less chemicals. 
 Dolphin Diagnostic 2001's low voltage power supply has been engineered and tested to assure optimum safety.    Every unit undergoes rigorous inspection and is factory tested for 60 working hours under actual working conditions.  
  A special "Wonder-brush" is available for smooth tiled pools.   
 36 months warranty.

Dolphin Dynamic 2002 Remote

In-depth intelligence
Automatic or manual? Your wish is its command!

 Automatic: The Dolphin Dynamic 2002's microprocessor learns the pool's dimensions and computes a precise path to clean your entire pool - walls, floor and stairs. With the wireless user-friendly remote control unit you can customize the automatic scanning program to suit your pool's dimensions. Just place it in the pool, plug it in, and leave the Dolphin Dynamic 2002 to do all the rest.

 Manual: You can steer the Dolphin Dynamic 2002 to those corners that need extra attention, with one touch of the joystick.

 The user friendly remote control unit permits you to customize the scanning program, such as:
Pool length - from 20 ft. (6 m.) to 40 ft. (12 m.)
Pool shape - 90° corners, hexagon/octagon, round/ellipse.
Cycle time - 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours.
Climbing/non-climbing: Cleans pool walls and floor/floor only.

 Quadruple action: Scrubs, sweeps, vacuums and filters dirt and debris into a self-contained machine-washable filter bag - not into the pool's filter. Designed for optimum environmental-friendliness, the Dolphin Dynamic 2002's powerful pump action keeps pool water circulating so that chemicals are better distributed.
The results? You use less chemicals and swim in a more environmentally friendly pool.

 The Dolphin Dynamic 2002's low voltage power supply has been engineered and tested to ensure optimum safety.
It automatically shuts off the electricity after the work cycle.

 Also suitable for beach-entry pools.

 A special "Wonder-brush" is available for smooth tiled pools.

 36 months warranty.

RoboClean Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Robotic Pool Multi-Cleaning System for residential pools  
    Motorized Robotic Cleaner filters water and vacuums flat bottom pools
    Different then water-powered cleaners - does not require pool pump to operate
    Filers most algae and bacteria - reduces backwashing and electrical us by up to 50%

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